Royal Choristers/Beginning Drama

The Royal Choristers/Beginning Drama of Oak Avenue Intermediate School represent the second level of a comprehensive vocal/theater arts program in the Temple City Unified School District, which begins with the elementary choruses, continues through the junior high years with Beginning Drama and the Royal Choristers Choir, and culminates at Temple City High School in the form of the Concert Choir, Brighter Side Singers and the Rams Repertory Company.

At Oak Avenue, the performers work on basic musicianship by way of concert preparation, lecture, video presentation and observation of other groups in rehearsal and performance. There will be units in musical theater, dramatic arts and the basics of stagecraft. The challenge and fun involved in beginning a project and seeing it through to the end will be a highlighted concept that will hopefully translate into other areas of their academic lives. Also, showmanship, stage presence, and self-esteem will be highlighted as necessary components to the performance. The class meets daily. There is no audition for the class. Participation in class activities is mandatory.