What is ASB?

ASB, also known as the Associated Student Body, directs student activities on campus and are the liaisons for students as the governing body at Oak. ASB covers many events, such as the shared decision-making council, school dances, spirit weeks, lunchtime activities, pep-rallies, the talent show, overseeing clubs, fundraisers, etc. Additionally, ASB supports Oak's staff throughout the year so that everyone is enjoying their time. Overall, our goal is to make your experience at Oak Avenue Intermediate fun, spirited, and engaging.

When are tryouts?
In 7th Grade, you can try out for an elected position starting in February. In 6th Grade, you can audition for an appointed position starting at the "Oak Showcase Day" in May, where you can pick up an application.

When does ASB meet?
Monday - Friday 7:45 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. (zero period) in room 111.

Who should I contact?
Ms. Kasuyama
ASB Advisor
Room 111